Unplug & get a move on.


There are many new things appearing at Park East—and we’reextremely excited our Nissan Leaf is ready to share with residents this August.  And—like Park East itself and the buildings within it—our little car has a story and history all its own.

Ed Armstrong, a long-time resident of Fort Smith, Arkansas, owned a successful ‘Car Farm’ as well as a Tire and Alignment service.  Well-known in the area as a friend-to-all —and definitely one to march to his own drum—Ed was never afraid to try new things when it came to energy conservation.  From early metal recycling to building his own solar-powered log cabin, Ed was all about it.  As the price of gasoline rose in recent years, he tried a variety of fuel efficient vehicles—finally settling on his favorite: a brand new 2012 NIssan Leaf.  He loved the quiet hum of the engine, and bragging up to his friends ”I don’t spend a DIME on gas!”

Sadly, Ed passed last year at the age of 81, which meant that the Leaf was to find a new home.  Always a community-minded man who ‘never threw anything away’, as daughter Kristen puts it, Ed would’ve wholeheartedly approved of the Leaf being at The Sterling. ”Daddy would’ve loved it.” she says.  We’re honored to have the Leaf within Park East, and to continue its path of conservation and sustainability.