MSU Apartment Search: What to Look for in a New Apartment

Finding a new apartment can be tricky. Apartments provide us with shelter, store our belongings, welcome our guests, comfort us, and place us in a certain location within our community. Sometimes, with the right services and amenities, they can even change the way we live our lives! As children, we get little say in where we live, so it's a wonderful freedom and responsibility to choose the right home as an adult. Wondering what to look for in a new apartment? Although you surely have some priorities and preferences to help guide your way, our tips may help you decide between your top contenders.


Apartment Search Tips


Location, location, location. Your home's location not only determines how long it will take you to commute each day, but it also establishes your neighborhood. Choose the right location and you may be able to walk to your favorite restaurants, theaters, and attractions.


Some apartments are compact and cost-effective, some are filled with storage space, some have an open and inviting floor plan, and some contain cozy nooks. How many rooms, how much space, and what sort of space do you need?


Although this may not be a priority for all apartment seekers, if you're eager to meet new people, seek out an apartment with a community of residents who are similar to you in age and situation. This will also help reduce frustrations and misunderstandings between you and your new neighbors.


Your apartment is your place to get away from it all, so it needs to provide privacy. The amount of privacy necessary is up to you (and your roommates, if you plan to have any). Thin walls and nosy neighbors are a recipe for disaster.


When you're at home, you want to feel safe. When you're not at home, you want to feel safe leaving your belongings behind. To ensure security, look for an apartment with high-quality locks, lights near exterior doors, and perhaps even on-site security staff. It is also important that your apartment is located in a safe neighborhood.


Your needs may be very different from another person's needs. So if you're wondering what to look for in a new apartment, don't forget to include your personal priorities. For example, maybe you're only interested in apartments that are fully furnished. Or, perhaps you have a dog and require a pet-friendly apartment. Remember to factor in these personal needs so that you aren't caught in a sticky situation.


Your apartment should offer more than a roof over your head. Remember to ask about the other useful features you'll be able to access with a signed lease. For example, does the apartment include outdoor space, laundry facilities, or a dishwasher? Are any utilities included in the cost, such as cable or Internet? Is there a fitness center or a gym? Factor these amenities into the cost of rent.


Since we've already talked about amenities, you might be wondering what these extra perks might include. To be honest, you won't find these in most apartments, but if you're lucky and shop around for the best apartment available, you might find a host of amazing perks ready and waiting for you. For example:

  • A shared car (bonus points if it's electric!)
  • A heated outdoor pool
  • An outdoor rooftop deck
  • A shared bike program
  • A library (which includes music and games in addition to books)
  • A concierge
  • Shared sporting gear
  • A yoga room
  • A designated work room
  • A gaming room

If you think these perks sound too good to be true, you haven't explored the possibilities presented by Park East in Springfield, Missouri. A downtown neighborhood with rich history, lively entertainment, and truly fantastic food, Park East could be the perfect place for you to call home. We have apartments and lofts in three historic properties: the U, the Sterling, and Sky Eleven. Every apartment includes modern conveniences, engaging common areas, and a variety of benefits available for you to use anytime (including all of the perks listed above).

With your Park East member card, borrow an electric car for errands, swim in a heated pool at Christmastime, use the mat room to practice yoga with friends, and even grab discounts at local businesses. What more could you ask for? To learn more about our residences, please give us a call at 417-895-8015 or contact us online.

Josh Stewart

Josh is the Chief Creative / Partner at Hook Creative.