Even when compared to just a few years ago,
our days now brim with choice and opportunity. Sharing, learning, creating—often as easy as the tap of a finger.

We live differently—and our surroundings have begun to reflect this.
A mere roof overhead with a couple of niceties will simply no longer do.

With this in mind, at Park East we believe in what
student housing can—and should—deliver.

We believe in a place that creates opportunities
for growth; academic, professional and personal.

We believe in the power of community;
learning together, challenging one another.

We believe in the strength of a neighborhood,
and the lifelong bonds that are forged within.

We believe in living well, but being smart about it;
an urban locale and shared resources make
for more affordable, energy-conscious living.

Most importantly, we believe all of these feed the potential
of each individual within Park East. Together, let’s make a positive
impact toward the future, as our world continues to evolve.

Bricks. Mortar. Heart. Soul

Park East believes.